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Bibles on line (various translations)
New American Bible
Revised Standard Version
English Standard Version (ESV)
The Grail Psalter
Bibelwissenschaft: German Site for Bible Studies, including Bible in original languages and in Latin
Latin Vulgate from The Bible Gateway
Latin Nova Vulgata from The Vatican
Vietnamese Bible - New Testament and only a few Old Testament books (Links to many translations and languages)
The Bible Gateway (Searches many translations and languages)
The Unbound Bible (Great Search Engine, many languages)

Dominican Sites

Curia in Rome
Dominicana - Blog of the student brothers of the Province of St. Joseph, USA
Godzdogz - Blog of the student brothers in the Province of England
Electronic Catalogus of the Order Catalogus Generalis Familiae Dominicanae
Dominican Liturgical Calendar (the "Ordo" for Dominicans in Australia.)
Orden de Predicadores - Dominican Spanish Portal (en lengua castellano)
Province of the Assumption (Australia & New Zealand; Vicariate of Solomon Islands & Papua New Guinea)
Polish Dominicans in Australia
DomUni - A Dominican On-Line University (Province of Toulouse) (en Français )
Tradere - A collection of articles on Philosophy, art, Spirituality and Theology from the Province of Toulouse. (en Français )
Escuela de Teología en Internet "Santo Tomas de Aquino" (en lengua castellano)
Spiritualité 2000 (by a brother of the Canadian Province)
Sermons of S. Vincent Ferrer

Dominican Publications

Entire Corpus of St Thomas Aquinas (in Latin from Uni. of Navarre)
Index to the Entire Corpus of St Thomas Aquinas (the Index Thomisticus)
Summa Contra Gentiles of St Thomas Aquinas (in English, slightly abridged)
Summa Theologiae of St Thomas Aquinas
Commentary on Job of St Thomas Aquinas
New Blackfriars- monthly journal of English Province
Spirituality Today and Cross and Crown Archives

Australian Catholic Organisations
Catholic Bishops' Conference
Catholic Religious Australia Website of Australian Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes
NET Ministries Australia - Youth evangelisation

Sacred Liturgy
Dominican Texts
General Instruction of the Roman Missal (Australian edition, 2007)
Missale Romanum: the Roman Missal in Latin (2002 edition)
Missale Romanum: the Roman Missal in Latin (2002 edition - pdf format)
eMissal: the Roman Missal in English (2011 edition - epub and Kindle formats)
Missal Notes: Comments on the daily prayers of the Mssal by Msgr Bruce Harbert
Notitiae Responses: Answers to questions on liturgy from the Congregation for Divine Worship
iBreviary: the Liturgy of the Hours, including Dominican propers (in English)
Redemptionis Sacramentum: Vatican instruction on matters to observe or avoid regarding Holy Eucharist
Societas Laudis:  (Daily Liturgy of the Hours in Latin and French)
Summorum Pontificum - Pope Benedict XVI on using the 1962 Missal and Ritual
Official Acts of the Holy See 1865 to present day
Universalis: texts for today's  Mass and Liturgy of the Hours

Other Catholic / Christian Sites and Publications

Bollandists' Acta Sanctorum (Latin)
Catholic Encyclopedia
Catechism of the Catholic Church
Cyberfaith - Sadlier's Catholic Web Magazine
EWTN - Eternal Word Television Network
Interdisciplinary Encyclopedia of Science and Religion
Jesuits' Cardoner Currents of Religion
Magellan Magazine
L'Osservatore Romano (in English)(Vatican Newspaper)
Vatican Radio
Vatican Television
Vatican 'Youtube' channel

Catholic Documents

Catholic Documents at Catholic Information Network
Code of Canon Law (1983 code; English translation)
Code of Canon Law(1983 Code; German translation)
Code of Canon Law (1983 Code; Latin Text of Codex Iuris Canonici)
General Instruction on the Roman Missal (Australian edition)

Other Useful Sites

Christian Classics Ethereal Library (Fathers of the Church and other writers)
Dickinson College Commentaries: Classic texts from antiquity
Homilies Net : Sunday homilies in Spanish and English
Institute for Consecrated Life in Asia (includes on-line courses
Melanesian Journal of Theology - whole issues - select the Melanesian Journal of Theology tab
Melanesian Journal of Theology - individual articles - select Journals and then Melanesian Journal of Theology
New Advent "Catholic Super Site"
Shroud of Turin - A Multi-Media Exploration of the Mystery
Shroud of Turin - Barrie M. Schworz's page
Vatican City -- Holy See Homepage
Official Acts of the Holy See 1865 - 2007

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