Solomon Islands  & Papua New Guinea

In 1956, the first foundation of the Province's mission in the Solomon Islands was established at Nila on Poporang, one of the Shortland Islands, in the Western Province. In 1979, a foundation was made at Bomana, in Papua New Guinea. In 1985, the Provincial Vicariate of the Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea was established, as the Order continued its growth in these two developing countries. In 2012, for reasons of economy, the vicariate was integrated into the province, but the hope and expectation remains that this region will eventually grow into a province in its own right.


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Early Days : Dominican News from the Solomons

Click on the image at the left for scans of the mission journal, Dominican News from the Solomons, from 1956 to 1959.

Scholarship: English - Varisi Dictionary

Varisi (or "Warisi") is one of the languages of Choiseul Osland in the Solomons group.  This dictionary was compiled by Fr Stephen Tarrant, O.P., during his time there in the 1970s.