April 2023

2 Sunday
redPalm Sunday of the Passion.
 Mass of Palm Sunday. Commemoration of Lord's Entrance into Jerusalem, creed, Preface of Palm Sunday.
 Is 50:4-7 Ps 22:8-9, 17-18, 19-20, 23-24 Phil 2:6-11 Mt 26:14-27:66 or 27:11-54
 At the procession: Mt 21:1-11
 Hours of Palm Sunday.
OPThe Commemoration of the Lord's Entrance may take one of three forms, as described in the Missal: Blessing and Procession, Solemn Entrance, or Simple Entrance. The processional cross should be suitably decorated. The blessing of palms may not be celebrated without the following procession and Mass. The blessing and solemn entrance, but not the procession, may be celebrated at a second Mass if many of the faithful are present.
OPThe rite in the Dominican Proper may be used, including our proper chants, texts for the blessing of palms and the station at the entrance to the church or the choir, with the antiphon Ave Rex noster.
The Passion may be read by three deacons, or lay readers with the priest taking the part of Christ, without candles, incense, greeting, sign of the cross or acclamation. At the mention of the Lord's death, all pause and kneel. Where pastoral reasons require it, one or both of the readings before the Passion may be omitted.
At the end of the Passion, The Gospel of the Lord, is said, but the book is not kissed.
Blessed palms remaining are kept, to be burnt for next year's ashes.
OPThe weekly conventual Mass for the Dead is omitted this week. (LCO 71)

Variables for the Year

Golden Number  10
Epact  viii
Solar Cycle 16
Letter of the Martyrology: h
Roman Year of Indiction 1
Julian Period: Year 6736
Years since the confirmation of the Order: 807
Years since the passing of our Holy Father Dominic  802
Sunday Readings  Cycle  A
Weekday Readings  Cycle   I