Parish Ministry

From its earliest days, our Province has been at the service of the Church which has entrusted to us the care of parishes. Our legislators, wisely recognising the challenges of combining parish activities with conventual life, take every precaution to secure that neither religious obligations nor parish duties suffer at the expense of one another. Fathers who have charge of parishes live their Dominican life to the fullest extent compatible with the discharge of their parish duties, and their care of souls is blessed and enriched by all the benefits that flow from fraternal community.

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Our parishioners, appreciating the religious life of the priests who minister to them, develop a great love for the Order, its saints and its works of service. Aided by their generosity, our parishes over time develop a distinctively Dominican character. Some of our parishioners arrive at such an appreciation of the Order, its characteristics and its way of life, that they eagerly respond to the invitation to become members of the Dominican Laity. Thus the spirit of the Order extends out into the parish which is imbued with the wisdom of veritas and the burning fire of fraternal charity.

Parishioners are able to avail themselves of the many blessings of a religious community at their service: celebrations of the great feasts of the Order as well as the wider Church, a generous choice of confessors and a variety of preachers. The faithful take comfort in the blessing of having in their midst a church where the solemn recitation of the Divine Office, day and night, ascends to the throne of God. The friars pray with them and for them that they may be faithful to their own vocation to bear witness to the Gospel in the Church and in the wider world.